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I've been making more of an effort to get myself into Austin to do things and organizing activities with smaller groups. We went to The Elephant Room—a jazz bar in Austin—a few weeks ago. It's a neat little basement bar underneath a sushi restaurant in downtown. Last weekend, I went to a farm tour with the Austin Carnivores meetup at Force of Nature ranch out West near Frederick. They're doing regenerative ag (primarily with Bison) and got a tour of the operations.

End of Summer

I just had to put a new transmission in my Mazda at 115,000 miles after it started popping out of 6th gear. An unfortunate unplanned large expense but the new transmission and clutch feel great and hopefully I'll get many more years of service out of the car. The repair cost almost what it did to buy the car back in 2018, but prices have almost doubled since then so despite the high repair cost replacing the car would still have been much more expensive.


I'm still at CVS Health doing data engineering work for one of their contact center groups. I've hepled hire and onboard a lot of strong additions to the team. We started finding a rhythm when some structural shakeup moved a bunch of those new hires to other teams so we've been set back a ways. Fortunately most of the work to get application data sources into our data warehouse has been completed and we're not working on getting support from actual data engineering teams to take ownership of some of these pipelines.

I'm learning a lot about Snowflake and Google Cloud Platform, and how to be scrappy in a poorly-suppported IT environment.


I finally finished Ward after almost 2.5 years of reading. While a stronger book in most ways than Worm it just did not hold my attention.

Started Accelerando, which is appropriate for the times.