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Working through improvements to the site functionality and my custom theme. I added reading time estimates recently and an archive list. I sent a pull request with the feature to the readingtime plugin to show reading time estimates as a range (e.g., "5–7 minutes").

I added comments using Isso and the Grav JSComments plugin. I may or may not keep this around. We'll see how much spam it gets, but so far it's been completely quiet.

I added an archive for previous versions of this now page, which is available in the sidebar.


Days are getting longer and the weather is heating up as we move towards summer. Texas is, in most ways, nearly back to a pre-COVID state. I've been seeing more movies in the theater. I got my second shot of vaccine and am ready to get back to hosting parties. Hiking is still hampered by the absurd number of downed trees on the trails from the winter apocalypse.

Street view

I started vision therapy recently for refractive amblyopia. I will be blogging on my experience with it, but my hope is to improve some chronic issues I've had like depth perception and object tracking inconsistency.

I went carnivore in October 2018 as an intervention for chronic health issues. So far, for me, it's the best nutrition approach I've yet tried.


Started Worm which is likely to keep me occupied for quite a while (the Kindle reading estimate is 102 hours). I'm almost half way through at this point and have significantly enjoyed it so far. Well-written, engaging, interesting plot, good characters. At this point it's on my strong recommend list next to Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.

I'm reading The Tragedy of American Compassion, which argues that government-sponsored welfare programs have toxic incentives, neglect individual needs, and crowd out private charity that would be more effective in helping improve life for the poor. It develops its thesis through a historical overview of charity and giving in the US.

I've been working my way through The Daily Stoic for the past year. I have not kept a regularly page-a-day schedule very well, and the content itself is pretty shallow, but it's been helpful as a motivational philosophical text.

Recently completed


I work remotely in the contact center of a major national boating retailer as an Operations Analyst. My work primarily involves reporting automation (mostly Python) and data wrangling, forecasting contact demand, workforce planning, managing the Contact Center Operations team, and IT administration. I strive to automate myself out of my position one day.