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I fell off the pre-commitment wagon and did not hit my goal of pushing out blog posts before the end of last year. Also missed my reading, fitness, and health goals. Here's to a more-productive 2022. Comments still available via Isso and the Grav JSComments plugin.


Winter has been wildly swinging between cold and hot. The variety is nice, I guess.

I completed the gym repairs in October and got back to lifting regularly (~every other day). I lost less strength than expected over the intervening months of doing only running and bodyweight stuff. Aiming to get comfortable enough with my physique to run shirtless so I can also get vitamin D.

Country road

I had significant gum graft surgery for receeding gums at the beginning of January. Recovery has been harder than expected so far.

I started vision therapy 2021 for refractive amblyopia. My hope is to improve some chronic issues I've had like depth perception and object tracking inconsistency. I posted a second update on progress in March. I'm working on a third post with new exercises and a progress update.

I went carnivore in October 2018 as an intervention for chronic health issues. So far, for me, it's the best nutrition approach I've yet tried. It was a logical next step after restricted AIP wasn't as successful for me anymore. My staples are grass-fed beef products and pasture-raised eggs. I try to mix in organ meats as frequently as I can. I'm supplementing raw egg shells with each meal as a source of calcium (among other things) and it seems to be helping.


Still working on Ward, the sequel to Worm, which is somehow longer than the first book. I had a really hard time getting through the first 15% of the novel. It's different enough from the first that it's taking a lot of energy to get into it. I am less engaged with the main protagonist. It's started to pick up after the conclusion of the first arc, though.

Finally sitting down and reading It Starts With Food fully instead of skimming various selections.

Recently completed



I work remotely in the contact center of a major national boating retailer as the Manager, CX and Workforce Analytics. My work primarily involves reporting automation (mostly Python) and data wrangling, building forecasting and payroll models, workforce planning, managing the Customer Care Operations team, and IT administration. I'm automating everything I can.

I took on a significant portion of work from our departing Workforce Analyst in April last year: a mess of Excel spaghetti, EoLed ODBC connections, MS Access programs, undocumented Python scripts, and Alteryx flows. The hand-off was frustrating and so is the work. I've made some progress eliminating, streamlining, and automating as much of it as I can until they can rehire the role. My biggest concern was making it through 2022 budgetting, which has nearly been completed successfully. I built a forecasting model with fbprophet to forecast 2022 sales volume by location for the budget.